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J. W. Mitchell,1 L. M. Barbier,1 E. R. Christian,1 J. F. Krizmanic,1 K. Krombel,1 J. F. Ormes,1 R. E. Streitmatter,1 A. W. Labrador,2 A. J. Davis,2 R. A. Mewaldt,2 S. M. Schindler,2 R. L. Golden,3 S. J. Stochaj,3 W. R. Webber,3 W. Menn,4 M. Hof,4 O. Reimer,4 M. Simon,4 and I. L. Rasmussen5 1NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland 20771(More)
We report new results for the cosmic-ray antiproton-to-proton ratio from 3 to 50 GeV at the top of the atmosphere. These results represent the first measurements, on an event-by-event basis, of mass-resolved antiprotons above 18 GeV. The results were obtained with the NMSU-WIZARD/CAPRICE98 balloon-borne magnet spectrometer equipped with a gas-RICH(More)
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