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BACKGROUND In November 2011, 6 patients who were in the ICU of the Sri Guru Ram Dass Institute of Medical Sciences and Research acquired an infection which was caused by Serratia marcescens. We investigated the cause of the increase in frequency of the isolation of Serratia marcesens from hospitalized patients. METHODS Various samples from patients and(More)
Sclerosing stromal tumor (SST) is an extremely rare and distinctive sex cord stromal tumor which occurs predominantly in the second and third decades of life. We report a case of a 32-year-old woman who developed a sclerosing stromal tumor of ovary and presented with irregular menstruation and pelvic pain. Her hormonal status was normal but CA-125 was(More)
BACKGROUND Typhoid fever remains a significant health problem in endemic countries like India. Various serological tests for the diagnosis of typhoid fever are available commercially. We assessed the usefulness of rapid test based on magnetic particle separation to detect Immunoglobulin against Salmonella typhi O9 lipopolysaccharide. AIM Aim of this study(More)
IJMDS ● www.ijmds.org ● January 2016; 5(1) 965 Original Article Assessment of rapid dipstick test for diagnosis of urinary tract infection in asymptomatic pregnant female Khanna A, Khanna M ABSTRACT Background: Bacteriuria during pregnancy has been known to cause many complications like low birth weight and premature delivery. Objective: This study was done(More)
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