Mengyun Zhou

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In addition to providing services for mid and low latitudes, global Geographic Information System (GIS) should provide services for high latitudes; these services include climate monitoring, energy exploitation in the polar regions. An improved Discrete Global Grid System (DGGS) could serve as a foundation for efficient indexing, visualization and analysis(More)
In this work, novel biosensing systems were developed for DNAzyme-based assays in homogenous aqueous media. The two halves of a horseradish peroxidase mimicking DNAzyme were assembled onto different gold nanoparticle surfaces through hybridization with corresponding linking DNA sequences. In the analyses, the target molecules were recognized by the linking(More)
In the present work, two aptamer-based probes and related sensor systems were developed with chemiluminescence signaling. The detection was based on "turning-on" chemiluminescence with switching "off" of the resonance energy transfer after the aptamer's recognition of the target molecule. In this design, a DNA/aptamer duplex linked a chemiluminescence(More)
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