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Being a high end embedded system, an avionic system calls for stringent real time constraints as well as secure guarantees. In terms of logical architecture, avionic systems have recently grown into the form of Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) from the traditional federated avionics system whose redundancy level is overwhelming for modern large aircrafts.(More)
An RRAM-based computing system (RCS) is an attractive hardware platform for implementing neural computing algorithms. Online training for RCS enables hardware-based learning for a given application and reduces the additional error caused by device parameter variations. However, a high occurrence rate of hard faults due to immature fabrication processes and(More)
The prevalence of Big Data has led to the operation practice based on time series data from multiple sources in many practical applications. The prediction analysis of time series, a fundamental objective of time series data crunch, is an integral part for planning and decision making. However, the prediction analysis based on raw time series data is hardly(More)
In order to improve the sensing accuracy of free spectrum in cognitive radio system, different sensing strategies were proposed according to the regions where cognitive users located: cognitive users located at the edge of the primary user's decoding region sense spectrum through part collaboration with its adjacent non-edge cognitive user; Cognitive users(More)
Cellulose is the major component of cell wall materials. A 300 bp specific fragment from the cDNA fragment was chosen to insert into vector pFGC1008 at forward and reverse orientations to construct the recombinant RNAi vector. Knockdown of BoiCesA caused "dwarf" phenotype with smaller leaves and a loss of the content of cellulose. Moreover, RT-PCR analysis(More)
This paper presents a high precision gesture recognition system that leverages the Doppler effect of ultrasound to sense in-air hand gestures. The system can precisely identify a wider variety of gestures than other systems without any modification to consumer laptops. The system recognizes quantitatively detailed and complex movements from the signals(More)
Agricultural chemical inputs have been considered as a risk factor for the global declines in amphibian populations, yet the application of agricultural fungicides has increased dramatically in recent years. Currently little is known about the potential toxicity of fungicides on the embryos of amphibians. We studied the effects of ten commonly used(More)
The computational complexity of discord discovery is O(m<sup>2</sup>), where m is the size of time series. Many promising methods were proposed to resolve this compute-intensive problem. These methods sequentially discover discords on standalone machine. The limited capability of standalone machine in terms of computing and memory capacity hinders these(More)
BACKGROUND Probiotic bacteria can induce immune regulation or immune tolerance in patients with allergic diseases, but the underlying mechanisms are still unclear. There has been a growing interest in the use of beneficial bacteria for allergic diseases recently. This study aimed at exploring whether Clostridium butyricum CGMCC0313-1 (C. butyricum) can(More)