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Great changes have taken place in the incidence of thyroid diseases since the implementation of universal salt iodization (USI). However, the high incidence of thyroid diseases caused by the high iodine intake has been contentious. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between iodine intake and thyroid diseases through the comparison of(More)
Development of novel materials for enrichment of glycopeptides is the key to a comprehensive analysis of the glycoproteome, which is closely related to several major diseases and biomarker findings. We synthesized phenylboronic acid (PBA) bound to SiO2 microspheres by a thiol-ene click chemistry method (this material was denoted as click PBA) and used it to(More)
Pancreatic cancer, which is often asymptomatic, is currently one of the most common causes of cancer-related death. This phenomenon is most likely due to a lack of early diagnosis, a high metastasis rate and a disappointing chemotherapy outcome. Thus, improving treatment outcomes by overcoming chemotherapy resistance may be a useful strategy in pancreatic(More)
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