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With the widely development of consumer electronics, 3D graphics have been in high demand and it has also become a very important module in embedded systems. Recent years more and more attentions have been paid on 3D graphics rendering. As we know it is very difficult to achieve real-time interactive request in the complex 3D graphics rendering on a signal(More)
A variety of subscriptions in conditional access system (CAS) of DTV broadcasting network bring complexity to the key distribution scheme. In this paper, an innovation of hierarchical key distribution scheme for CAS in DTV broadcasting is proposed to reduce the computation of encryption and the number of messages for key refreshment. Compared with the(More)
Sound rendering are frequently used to enhance the sense of immersion in virtual environments and multimedia applications. For this purpose, this paper proposes a ray tracing method based on equal-area distribution to simulate room impulse response (RIR). It is efficient and accurate to get the direction of arrival of the direct sound and early reflections.(More)
The abundance index (AI) is a representative indicator used to assess the state of fishery resources. Conventional AI is generally calculated by summing the catch per unit of effort (CPUE) weighted by the size of each fishing area. However, CPUE data has many missing values owing to annual changes in operational fishing areas, and this can lead to a(More)
This paper proposed an improved audio quality metric via circular and flexible overlap. Based on the Power Spectrum Estimation via circular overlap, we use a novel circular overlap sub-frame to assess highly impaired audio. The relationship between the fraction of overlap and the metric of audio quality is also examined, and it has been proven that the(More)