Mengyan Wang

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Large wind energy power plants are widely commercialized and integrated in existing electric power grids. The randomness of wind speed over a short period can greatly affect short term generation scheduling. This paper addresses this problem through an optimized day ahead short-term generation scheduling of both thermal and hydrothermal energy systems at(More)
Due to the global warming and energy resource shortage, renewable energies such as wind generation (WG), photovoltaic (PV) facility are getting more attention in distribution systems. It is very necessary to use renewable energy with present power equipments cooperatively as it can be easily affected by the different weather conditions. Since the cost of(More)
With the rapid development of photovoltaic (PV) power generation, technology of the grid-connected photovoltaic system becomes an important part of the photovoltaic power generation. Based on this background, grid connection techniques of T-Type three-level grid-connected inverter with an LCL filter is studied in this paper. The subject combines SPWM(More)
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