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opportunities and challenges John R. Townshend a , Jeffrey G. Masek b , Chengquan Huang a , Eric. F. Vermote c , Feng Gao d , Saurabh Channan a , Joseph O. Sexton a , Min Feng a , Ramghuram Narasimhan a , Dohyung Kim a , Kuan Song c , Danxia Song a , Xiao-Peng Song a , Praveen Noojipady a , Bin Tan b , Matthew C. Hansen c , Mengxue Li c & Robert E. Wolfe b(More)
Taylor & Francis makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all the information (the “Content”) contained in the publications on our platform. However, Taylor & Francis, our agents, and our licensors make no representations or warranties whatsoever as to the accuracy, completeness, or suitability for any purpose of the Content. Any opinions and views(More)
Argumentation mining aims at automatically extracting the premises-claim discourse structures in natural language texts. There is a great demand for argumentation corpora for customer reviews. However, due to the controversial nature of the argumentation annotation task, there exist very few large-scale argumentation corpora for customer reviews. In this(More)
As one of the most destructive and widespread disease of rice, Magnaporthe oryzae (also called Magnaporthe grisea) has a significant negative impact on rice production. Therefore, it is still in high demand to develop extremely sensitive and accurate methods for the early diagnosis of Magnaporthe oryzae (M. oryzae). In this study, we developed a novel(More)
An efficient two component cycloaddition reaction to synthesize various substituted quinoline derivatives was developed. Ynone 1 was functionalizated by N-oxide attacking the C3-oxetium site and C3-site regioselectively to give 3 and 4. Analogues 3k and 4v have a high binding constant with Hg2+ in CH3CN.
We study the helpful product reviews identification problem in this paper. We observe that the evidence-conclusion discourse relations, also known as arguments, often appear in product reviews, and we hypothesise that some argumentbased features, e.g. the percentage of argumentative sentences, the evidencesconclusions ratios, are good indicators of helpful(More)
A novel method for the ultra specific and sensitive detection of DNA in biological samples was described in this paper based on magnetic beads (MBs)-based rolling circle amplification combined with gold nano-particles (AuNPs)-aptamer labeling technique and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) detection. The proposed assay has an ultra-high(More)
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