Mengxing Huang

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By analyzing the basic principle of Otsu method and its application in image segmentation, and according to the distribution characteristics of the target and background, an improved threshold image segmentation algorithm based on the Otsu method is developed. By narrowing the selection range of threshold and searching the minimum variance ratio, the(More)
Aiming at the shortcomings of datasets sparsity and cold start in the traditional Item-based collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm, to improve the calculating accuracy of similarity and recommendation quality, taking attribute theory as theoretical basis, a collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm based on item attributes is proposed.(More)
A novel blocks placement strategy is developed for solving some shortages in recent Hadoop. With the Strategy, the optimal Data nodes, according to the real-time situation of Data nodes, are chosen dynamically to achieve load balancing. Finally, the simulation experiments indicate that our strategy behaves much better than the HDFS blocks placement when the(More)
The service value broker(SVB) pattern integrates business modeling, knowledge management and economic analysis with relieved complexity, enhanced reusability and efficiency, etc. The study of SVB is an emerging interdisciplinary subject which will help to promote the reuse of knowledge, strategy and experience in service based designs and solutions. In this(More)
E-Service related technologies have a profound and revolutionary impact on many traditional areas. We try to outline its influence on economics which we call E-service Economics at fundamental level. We model the new characteristics of this trend along two themes: value driven decision making which covers both reuse based value added analysis and service(More)
We identify that to improve the reusability of implementation in service engineering, we need to collect and modulate reusable strategy, knowledge and experience crossing business modeling, knowledge management and economic analysis simultaneously from an interdisciplinary perspective. Strategically to ease the complexity, we adopt the existing experience(More)
Medical image data require strict security, confidentiality and integrity when transmitted between hospitals. The involvement of wireless transmission has made the medical data vulnerable to attacks like tampering, hacking etc. To dealing the challenges we have proposed a algorithm that introducing the digital watermarking technology to increase the(More)
In order to improve the performance of optimization, we apply a hybridization of adaptive biogeography-based optimization (BBO) algorithm and differential evolution (DE) to multi-objective optimization problems (MOPs). A model of multi-objective evolutionary algorithms (MOEAs) is established, in which the habitat suitability index (HSI) is redefined, based(More)
It is desirable to embed multiple diagnosis results into one medical image. This paper proposes an algorithm of robust multiple watermarks to serve these purposes using DWT and DFT. A part of sign sequence of DWT and DFT coefficients are used as feature vector for enhancing the robustness against JPEG compression, Gaussian noise, and cropping attacks.(More)