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Network controller is the core of the OpenFlow-Based Software-Defined Networks (SDN). High availability of network controller is an urgent need objectively. The appearance of controller instance fault should not be perceived by data plane. During the fault recovery, OpenFlow messages, especially asynchronous message from data plane, should not be discarded.(More)
It has been proposed that the majority of disease-associated loci identified by genome-wide association studies (GWAS) are enriched in non-coding regions, such as the promoter, enhancer or non-coding RNA genes. Thus, we performed a two-stage case-control study to systematically evaluate the association of genetic variants in miRNA regulatory regions(More)
Telomere length varies considerably among individuals. It is highly heritable and decreases with ageing or ageing related diseases. Recently, genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified several genetic loci associated with telomere length in adults. However, it is unclear whether these loci represent the genetic basis of telomere length or(More)
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