Mengwei Liu

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Using carboxylate-protected silver nanoclusters (Ag-carboxylate NCs) as a model, we separately investigated the contribution of the ligand shell and the metal core to understand the nature of photoluminescence of Ag NCs. A new Ag(0)NCs@Ag(I)-carboxylate complex core-shell structural model has been proposed. The emission from the Ag-carboxylate NCs could be(More)
Time-resolved fluorescence properties of quenched fluorescein sodium, including self-quenching and collisional quenching by iodide, have been studied by using a picosecond time-correlated single-photon counting (TCSPC) apparatus, together with an upconversion spectrophotofluorometer with a time resolution better than 300 fs. The steady-state fluorescence(More)
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