Mengting Huang

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Studies have revealed that prolonged, specialized training combined with higher cognitive conditioning induces enhanced brain alternation. In particular, dancers with long-term dance experience exhibit superior motor control and integration with their sensorimotor networks. However, little is known about the functional connectivity patterns of spontaneous(More)
Action video games (AVGs) have attracted increasing research attention as they offer a unique perspective into the relation between active learning and neural plasticity. However, little research has examined the relation between AVG experience and the plasticity of neural network mechanisms. It has been proposed that AVG experience is related to the(More)
Multiple displacement amplification (MDA) is considered to be a conventional approach to comprehensive amplification from low input DNA. The chimeric reads generated in MDA lead to severe disruption in some studies, including those focusing on heterogeneity, structural variation, and genetic recombination. Meanwhile, the generation of by-products gives a(More)
Haplotype plays a vital role in diverse fields; however, the sequencing technologies cannot resolve haplotype directly. Pioneers demonstrated several approaches to resolve haplotype in the early years, which was extensively reviewed. Since then, numerous methods have been developed recently that have significantly improved phasing performance. Here, we(More)
Holliday junction (HJ) is a hallmark intermediate in DNA recombination and must be processed by dissolution (for double HJ) or resolution to ensure genome stability. Although HJ resolvases have been identified in all domains of life, there is a long-standing effort to search in prokaryotes and eukarya for proteins promoting HJ migration. Here, we report the(More)
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