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Intravoxel incoherent motion (IVIM) diffusion-weighted MRI can simultaneously measure diffusion and perfusion characteristics in a non-invasive way. This study aimed to determine the potential utility of IVIM in characterizing brain diffusion and perfusion properties for clinical stroke. The multi-b-value diffusion-weighted images of 101 patients diagnosed(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the utility of whole-lesion apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) histogram analysis in capturing breast lesion heterogeneity and determine which ADC metric may help best differentiate benign from malignant breast mass lesions at 3.0T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively included 101 women with(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES This study aimed to test the hypothesis that the heterogeneity difference between edge and core of lesions by using intensity and entropy features obtained from whole-lesion texture analysis on contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) may be useful for differentiation of malignant from inflammatory pulmonary nodules and masses. (More)
The presence and pattern of iron accumulation in subcortical vascular mild cognitive impairment (svMCI) and their effects on cognition have rarely been investigated. We aimed to examine brain iron deposition in svMCI subjects using quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM). Moreover, we aimed to investigate the correlation between brain iron deposition and(More)
It has been reported that internet gaming disorder (IGD) and smokers with nicotine dependence (SND) share clinical characteristics, such as over-engagement despite negative consequences and cravings. This study is to investigate the alterations in the resting-state functional connectivity (rsFC) of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) observed in SND(More)
This paper investigates the combined problem of high car dependence and housing affordability, in view of likely continued volatility in oil prices (and hence higher petrol and diesel prices), and rising house prices. Household budgets are likely to be stretched where there are high levels of car dependency and housing unaffordability – with little(More)
PURPOSE To determine the utility of multiparametric diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) including monoexponential (apparent diffusion coefficient [ADC]), biexponential (Df , Ds , and f), stretched-exponential (distributed diffusion coefficient [DDC] and α), and kurtosis (mean diffusivity [MD] and mean kurtosis [MK]) models in the differentiation and(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the potential of diffusion and perfusion indices (ADC and perfusion fraction f) from DWI at 3.0 T in monitoring treatment response to uterine artery embolization (UAE) at 6-month follow-up. METHODS Twelve female patients with uterine fibroids who underwent 3.0-T pelvic DWI before and 6 months after UAE were included. ADC and(More)
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