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Degradation of rammed earth under wind-driven rain: The case of Fujian Tulou, China
Abstract In the history of human civilization, rammed earth has been used over thousand years to construct infrastructure, such as buildings, shelters, and defense structures. The structural
Passive Earth Pressures on Retaining Walls for Pit-in-Pit Excavations
This paper presents a simplified approach for computing passive earth pressures for pit-in-pit excavations, and a parametric study is conducted to demonstrate that the mobilized passive earth pressure increases nonlinearly with the magnitude of wall movement and soil shear strength parameters.
Spatial Variability of Health Inequalities of Older People in China and Related Health Factors
The uneven spatial distribution of socio-economic status results in health inequalities for older people at the national level in China, and the geographic distribution of life expectancy was correlated with a number of important demographic, socio- economic, and environmental variables.
Comparative study on retrofitting strategies for residential buildings after earthquakes
This paper presents the process for optimal selection of rehabilitation solutions considering the cost of implementation, downtime and disruption to property owners while improving the seismic performance level of the structure.
Research on the applicability of passive house technology in areas hot in summer and cold in winter-take Nanjing area as the research object
In this study, to explore the applicability of passive house technology under PHPP assessment standards in Chinese areas hot in summer and cold in winter, Nanjing area was taken as an example, real
Spatial distribution and natural environment mechanism of the cholera epidemic in ancient Jiangnan area, China
Results show that there was a close relationship between the distribution of the cholera epidemic and natural environment in the Jiangnan area, and the influence intensity of natural factors on epidemic disasters followed the order of temperature and precipitation.