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  • K M Belotsky, M Yu, Khlopov, K I Shibaev
  • 2006
Stable charged heavy leptons and quarks can exist and hide in elusive atoms, bound by Coulomb attraction and playing the role of dark matter. However, in the expanding Universe it is not possible to recombine all the charged particles into such atoms, and the positively charged particles, which escape this recombination, bind with electrons in atoms of(More)
The 4th generation of fermions predicted by the phenomenology of heterotic string models can possess new strictly conserved charge, which leads, in particular, to the hypothesis of the existence of the 4th generation massive stable neutrino. The compatibility of this hypothesis with the results of underground experiment DAMA searching for weakly interactive(More)
The collapse of sufficiently large closed domain wall produced during second order phase transition in the vacuum state of a scalar field can lead to the formation of black hole. The origin of domain walls with appropriate size and energy density could be a result of evolution of an effectively massless scalar field at the inflational epoch. We demonstrate(More)
A new mechanism of black hole formation in a first order phase transition is proposed. In vacuum bubble collisions the interaction of bubble walls leads to the formation of nontrivial vacuum configuration. The consequent collapse of this vacuum configuration induces the black hole formation with high probability. The primordial black holes that have been(More)
The existence of antimatter domains in baryon asymmetrical Universe can appear as the cosmological consequence of particle theory in inflationary models with non-homogeneous baryosynthesis. Such a domain can survive in the early Universe and form globular cluster of antimatter stars in our Galaxy. The model of antimatter pollution of Galaxy and annihilation(More)
The unique electronic structures of heteroatomic conjugated polymers (HCPs) offer an attractive platform to tune optoelectronic properties via a supramolecular coordination strategy. This study reports on an sp(2) nitrogen heteroatom containing fluorene-based copolymer namely poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene-co-9,9-dioctyldiazafluoren-2,7-yl) (PF8-co-DAF8), with(More)
A parabolic equation for the propagation of periodic internal waves over varying bottom topography is derived using the multiple-scale perturbation method. Some computational aspects of the numerical implementation are discussed. The results of numerical experiments on propagation of an incident plane wave over a circular-type shoal are presented in(More)
Bulky conjugated polymers with high crystallinity is the prerequisite for the overall improvement of performance in wide-bandgap semiconductors, including charge transport, photoluminescence quantum yield, processing reliability, and stability. Herein, we report a stable β-phase film of bulky polydiarylfluorene (PODPF) preparing by thermal annealing at ∼220(More)
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