Mengmeng Yu

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Using AFM as a nanomanipulation tool has been discussed for more than a decade. However, its lack of real-time visual feedback during manipulation has hindered its wide application. Fortunately, this problem has been overcome by our recently developed augmented reality system. Not only can this new system provide real-time force feedback but real-time(More)
Assembly of nano-structures involves manipulation of nanoparticles, nano-rods, nanowires and nanotubes. Modelling the behavior of a nano-rod or a nanotube pushed by an AFM tip is much more complex than that of a nano-particle because in the case of the nano-particle usually only translation occurs while for the nano-rod and nanotube both translational and(More)
— Previous studies on nanomanipulation using Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) go through the scan-design-manipulation-scan cycle, in which an operator does not have any real-time visual feedback during manipulation. In this paper, a simple model of tip-substrate-object interactive forces has been presented for the qualitative and quantitative analysis. Based(More)
This paper concentrates on transparency and synchronization of supermedia in Internet based teleoperation. Supermedia is used to describe the collection of all the feedback streams in teleoperations, such as haptic, video, audio, temperature and others. Transparency and synchronization are introduced and analyzed from the event-based control perspective.(More)
360 degree surround view system monitoring (SVM) is a very convenient system to help drivers drive through narrow spaces blind-spot-free by looking at surround of a vehicle from top view. Nevertheless, it cannot solve the problem of parking. Even with help of 360 degree SVM system, unexperienced drivers still cannot do parking easily. In this paper, we(More)
In this paper, we consider a smart grid incorporating numerous devices. In order to manage the energy distribution, we propose an algorithm that employs the group bargaining concept of game theory to efficiently allocate electricity resources among these devices. First, we divide the devices into non-overlapping groups, and allow devices to bargain both(More)
As WSNs are energy constraint networks, how to eliminate transmission collisions and keep high energy efficiency are as crucial as the accuracy of a clock when selecting synchronization scheme. To achieve the goal, we propose a novel synchronization scheme-FDSS (Follow Data Stream Synchronization). In FDSS, time stamp will be added into the data and ACK(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the morphologic characteristics of early and late stages of chronic total coronary artery occlusions (CTO) in coronary computed tomography angiography (coronary CTA). METHODS We retrospectively analyzed patients who underwent coronary CTA and invasive coronary angiography and had at least one CTO with known duration. The(More)