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Ionic liquid-modified magnetic polymeric microspheres as dispersive solid phase extraction adsorbent: a separation strategy applied to the screening of sulfamonomethoxine and sulfachloropyrazine from
The presented ILMPM-MDSPE method combined the advantages of ILs, MNPs, and MDSPE and therefore could be potentially applied for rapid screening of SAs in urine.
New ionic liquid modified polymeric microspheres for solid-phase extraction of four Sudan dyes in foodstuff samples.
The new ionic liquid modified polymeric microspheres (ILPM) showed good adsorbability to the four kinds of Sudan dyes and were successfully applied as a special sorbent of solid-phase extraction (SPE) coupled with high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) for the simultaneous isolation and determination of four Sudan dye from foodstuff samples.
Molecularly imprinted ionic liquid magnetic microspheres for the rapid isolation of organochlorine pesticides in environmental water.
A new type of molecularly imprinted ionic liquid magnetic microspheres was synthesized by aqueous suspension polymerization, demonstrating that it was monodispersed spherical, possessed a rough surface, and an outstanding magnetic properties.
Enhanced and sustainable pretreatment for bioconversion and extraction of resveratrol from peanut skin using ultrasound-assisted surfactant aqueous system with microbial consortia immobilized on
In this study, the ultrasound-assisted surfactant aqueous system coupled with microbial consortia immobilized by cellulose has been created as an enhanced and sustainable method for the bioconversion