Mengmeng Chen

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This article proposes a novel image-based method to transfer illumination from a reference face image to a target face image through edge-preserving filters. According to our method, only a single reference image, without any knowledge of the 3D geometry or material information of the target face, is needed. We first decompose the lightness layers of the(More)
Contemporary DBMS systems already use data-partitioning and data-flow analysis for intra-query parallelism. We study the problem of identifying data-partitioning targets. To rank candidates, we propose a simple cost model that relies on plan structure, operator cost and selectivity for a given base table. We evaluate this model in various optimization(More)
Objective evaluation of driver drowsiness is necessary toward suppression of fatigued driving and prevention of traffic accident. We have developed a new method in which we utilized pupillary diameter variability (PDV) under spontaneous pupillary fluctuation conditions. The method consists of three main steps. Firstly, we use a 90s long infrared video of(More)
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