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This paper presents a real-time monitoring of television advertisements using Bow. Frames are the basis of videos, thus an adaptive approach for extracting keyframes is proposed to describe video ads. Since in the BoW framework, the information of local feature points is lost during quantization, color name (CN) feature is introduced in this paper to(More)
The motivation for this paper is to apply Bayesian structure learning using Model Averaging in large-scale networks. Currently, Bayesian model averaging algorithm is applicable to networks with only tens of variables, restrained by its super-exponential complexity. We present a novel framework, called LSBN(Large-Scale Bayesian Network), making it possible(More)
Along with the continuous development of science and technology, the multimedia retrieval is not only confined to the text retrieval. Content-based music retrieval technology has been widely used in modern society. The query by humming method based on the matching of user's humming fragments and music segments is a research hotspot in recent years. The(More)
Human genomes contain structural variations (SVs) that are associated with various phenotypic variations and diseases. SV detection by sequencing is incomplete due to limited read length. Nanochannel-based optical mapping (OM) allows direct observation of SVs up to hundreds of kilobases in size on individual DNAmolecules, making it a promising alternative(More)
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