Mengli Zhu

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NAC (NAM/ATAF/CUC) transcription factors regulate the expression of the target genes by formation of NAC-DNA complex, which are involved in development, stress responses and nutrient distribution in many metaphyta plants. AtNAC1, a NAC transcription factor from Arabidopsis thaliana, plays an important role in auxin signaling and root development. In order(More)
Cancer cells are usually characterized with an increase in glucose uptake when compared with normal cells, which is known as Warburg effect. Near-infrared (NIR) fluorescent glucose analogues have been previously synthesized and been applied in cancer cell imaging. However, most NIR dyes usually have one or more charge in their structures, which may cause(More)
NEK2 is a conserved mitotic regulator critical for cell cycle progression. Aberrant expression of NEK2 has been found in a variety of human cancers, making it an attractive molecular target for the design of novel anticancer therapeutics. In the present study, we have identified a novel compound MBM-5, which was found to bind to NEK2 with high affinity by(More)
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