Mengjiao Jiang

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We analyzed the impact of aerosols on precipitation based on 3 years of 3-hourly observations made in heavily polluted eastern China. The probability of precipitation from different cloud types was calculated using International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project cloud data and gauge-based hourly precipitation data. Because deep convective clouds have the(More)
In single-walled carbon nanotubes, electron-hole pairs form tightly bound excitons because of limited screening. These excitons display a variety of interactions and processes that could be exploited for applications in nanoscale photonics and optoelectronics. Here we report on optical pulse-train generation from individual air-suspended carbon nanotubes(More)
Absorbing aerosols above or within cloud layers have drawnmuch attention in recent years due to substantially enhanced absorption of solar radiation that may affect reflection at the top of the atmosphere. The retrieval of cloud properties is usually conducted without any regard to aerosols. This study illustrates that retrievals of cloud optical depth (τc)(More)
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