Mengjia Tang

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The expression of the Escherichia coli DNA polymerases pol V (UmuD'2C complex) and pol IV (DinB) increases in response to DNA damage. The induction of pol V is accompanied by a substantial increase in mutations targeted at DNA template lesions in a process called SOS-induced error-prone repair. Here we show that the common DNA template lesions, TT (6-4)(More)
Tumors that express wild-type P53 provide a target for therapies designed to reactivate P53 function. This is supported by the potent activation of P53 in tumor cells by Nutlin, a cis-imidazoline that inhibits the Hdm2-P53 interaction. The efficacy of Hdm2.P53 antagonists could be compromised if they do not antagonize Hdmx, an Hdm2 homolog that inhibits P53(More)
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