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A comparative definition for community in networks is proposed, and the corresponding detecting algorithm is given. A community is defined as a set of nodes, which satisfies the requirement that each node's degree inside the community should not be smaller than the node's degree toward any other community. In the algorithm, the attractive force of a(More)
Transcription factor 7-like 2 (TCF7L2) has been strongly implicated in type 2 diabetes and cancer. Our goal was to identify the DNA sequences bound by this transcription factor in vivo. We applied chromatin immunoprecipitation and sequencing to globally identify and map human DNA sequences bound by TCF7L2 in the colorectal carcinoma cell line, HCT116, where(More)
Epidermal growth factor (EGF) mediates breast cancer cell chemotaxis and metastasis through mechanisms that involve the growth-regulatory mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) complex mTORC2, but the mechanisms involved remain obscure. Here, we report that the rapamycin-insensitive mTORC2 component protein Rictor is a critical mediator of metastasis in(More)
Based on a signaling process of complex networks, a method for identification of community structure is proposed. For a network with n nodes, every node is assumed to be a system which can send, receive, and record signals. Each node is taken as the initial signal source to excite the whole network one time. Then the source node is associated with an n(More)
Global degree/strength based preferential attachment is widely used as an evolution mechanism of networks. But it is hard to believe that any individual can get global information and shape the network architecture based on it. In this paper, it is found that the global preferential attachment emerges from the local interaction models, including(More)
As a result of the coupling between their dual order parameters, multiferroic materials exhibit unusual physical properties and, in turn, promise new device applications. [ 1 , 2 ] Of particular interest is the existence of a cross-coupling between the magnetic and electric orders, termed the magnetoelectric (ME) effect. [ 3–5 ] Because no single-phase(More)
In order to take the weight of connection into consideration and to find a natural measurement of weight, we have collected papers in Econophysics and constructed a network of scientific communication to integrate idea transportation among econophysicists by collaboration, citation and personal discussion. Some basic statistics such as weight per degree are(More)
Metastasis remains a formidable problem in malignant tumors. In this study, MTT assay revealed that 4-methyl-3-nitro-benzoic acid (MNBA) had no effect on cell viability and did not interfere with cell cycle in any breast cancer cell lines tested. However, treatment with MNBA on breast cancer cells can inhibit EGF-induced migration and chemotaxis in vitro.(More)
OBJECTIVE To report successful treatment by laparoscopically assisted biomaterial graft for reconstruction in patients with congenital atresia of the uterine cervix and vagina. DESIGN Technique and instrumentations. SETTING University-based tertiary care hospital. PATIENT(S) An 18-year-old woman with vaginal agenesis and cervical dysgenesis and a(More)