Menghui Li

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There is considerable interest in using traditional Chinese medicine formulas (TCMF) to delay aging or treat age-related diseases. Due to cost and duration, the beneficial effects of TCMF on prolongation are mainly extrapolated from vitro studies or physiological indexes. Little is known about whether TCMF are beneficial in whole level, particularly with(More)
This study is mainly aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of current health care systems of several representative countries and improving that of the US. To achieve these goals, a people-oriented non-linear evaluation model is designed. It comprises one major evaluation metric and four minor metrics. The major metric is constituted by combining possible(More)
– Modularity structures are common in various social and biological networks. However, its dynamical origin remains an open question. In this work, we set up a dynamical model describing the evolution of a social network. Based on the observations of real social networks, we introduced a link-creating/deleting strategy according to the local dynamics in the(More)
In this work, we investigate a model of an adaptive networked dynamical system, where the coupling strengths among phase oscillators coevolve with the phase states. It is shown that in this model the oscillators can spontaneously differentiate into two dynamical groups after a long time evolution. Within each group, the oscillators have similar phases,(More)
The number of citations is a widely used metric to evaluate the scientific credit of papers, scientists and journals. However, it does happen that a paper with fewer citations from prestigious scientists is of higher influence than papers with more citations. In this paper, we argue that from whom the paper is being cited is of higher significance than(More)
In this work, we extend our previous work on hotness tracing among physicists to other fields, including mathematics, economics and biomedical science. Overall, the results confirm our previous discovery, indicating that scientists in all these fields trace hot topics. Surprisingly, however, it seems that researchers in mathematics tend to be more likely to(More)