Menghui Li

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Based on a signaling process of complex networks, a method for identification of community structure is proposed. For a network with n nodes, every node is assumed to be a system which can send, receive, and record signals. Each node is taken as the initial signal source to excite the whole network one time. Then the source node is associated with an n(More)
A comparative definition for community in networks is proposed, and the corresponding detecting algorithm is given. A community is defined as a set of nodes, which satisfies the requirement that each node's degree inside the community should not be smaller than the node's degree toward any other community. In the algorithm, the attractive force of a(More)
—Nowadays, servers are popularly virtualized and highly consolidated, requiring much more network capacity than ever before. While scaling up the capacity of the network interface controllers (NICs) is inarguably important, we focus on the alternative and explore how to scale out the network capacity by aggregating multiple NICs. In this paper, we discuss(More)
The dynamical origin of complex networks, i.e., the underlying principles governing network evolution, is a crucial issue in network study. In this paper, by carrying out analysis to the temporal data of Flickr and Epinions-two typical social media networks, we found that the dynamical pattern in neighborhood, especially the formation of triadic links,(More)
This study is mainly aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of current health care systems of several representative countries and improving that of the US. To achieve these goals, a people-oriented non-linear evaluation model is designed. It comprises one major evaluation metric and four minor metrics. The major metric is constituted by combining possible(More)
Do scientists follow hot topics in their scientific investigations? In this paper, by performing analysis to papers published in the American Physical Society (APS) Physical Review journals, it is found that papers are more likely to be attracted by hot fields, where the hotness of a field is measured by the number of papers belonging to the field. This(More)
– Modularity structures are common in various social and biological networks. However, its dynamical origin remains an open question. In this work, we set up a dynamical model describing the evolution of a social network. Based on the observations of real social networks, we introduced a link-creating/deleting strategy according to the local dynamics in the(More)
The number of citations is a widely used metric to evaluate the scientific credit of papers, scientists and journals. However, it does happen that a paper with fewer citations from prestigious scientists is of higher influence than papers with more citations. In this paper, we argue that from whom the paper is being cited is of higher significance than(More)
OBJECTIVE Current focusing and steering are both widely used to shape the electric field and increase the number of distinct perceptual channels in neural stimulation, yet neither technique has been used for an optic nerve (ON)-based visual prosthesis. In order to evaluate the effects of current focusing and steering in penetrative stimulation, we built an(More)
By numerical simulations, we investigate the onset of synchronization of networked phase oscillators under two different weighting schemes. In scheme-I, the link weights are correlated to the product of the degrees of the connected nodes, so this kind of networks is named as the weight-degree correlated (WDC) network. In scheme-II, the link weights are(More)