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Mit1 Transcription Factor Mediates Methanol Signaling and Regulates the Alcohol Oxidase 1 (AOX1) Promoter in Pichia pastoris*
Structural analysis of Mit1 by performing domain deletions confirmed its specific and critical role in the strict repression of PAOX1 in glycerol medium and identified a Zn(II)2Cys6-type methanol-induced transcription factor 1 (Mit1).
Engineered fungal polyketide biosynthesis in Pichia pastoris: a potential excellent host for polyketide production
Some other factors may affect polyketide synthesis that include activities of the individual catalytic domains and release of the product from the synthase of PksCT and holds potential for future industrial application of 6-MSA and other fungal polyketides.
PpNrg1 is a transcriptional repressor for glucose and glycerol repression of AOX1 promoter in methylotrophic yeast Pichiapastoris
Transcriptional repressor PpNrg1 suppresses PAOx1 in glucose and glycerol by directly binding to five sites of PAOX1, including two binding sites of transcriptional activator PpMxr1.
Kinase Screening in Pichia pastoris Identified Promising Targets Involved in Cell Growth and Alcohol Oxidase 1 Promoter (PAOX1) Regulation
A kinase deletion library is constructed in P. pastoris and 27 mutants which showed peculiar phenotypes in cell growth or PAOX1 regulation are identified, which could serve as valuable targets for further mechanistic studies.
Genetic, molecular, and biochemical basis of fungal tropolone biosynthesis
Comparison of the T. stipitatus tropolone biosynthetic cluster with other known gene clusters allows clarification of important steps during the biosynthesis of other fungal compounds including the xenovulenes, citrinin, sepedonin, sclerotiorin, and asperfuranone.
Methanol-Independent Protein Expression by AOX1 Promoter with trans-Acting Elements Engineering and Glucose-Glycerol-Shift Induction in Pichia pastoris
A methanol-free PAOX1 start-up strain is constructed and this mutant and bioprocess represent a safe and efficient alternative to the traditional glycerol-repressed/methanol-induced PAOx1 system.
Transcriptome analysis of Δmig1Δmig2 mutant reveals their roles in methanol catabolism, peroxisome biogenesis and autophagy in methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris
Two catabolite repressor genes (MIG1 and MIG2) were previously identified in Pichia pastoris, and the derepression of alcohol oxidase (AOX) expression was realized in Δmig1 or Δmig1Δmig2 mutants