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BiPO4 and Eu-doped BiPO4 crystals were synthesized via a simple precipitation route at room temperature, employing Bi(NO3)3 and (NH4)2HPO4 as the reactants, Eu2O3 as the dopant and citric acid as a template. X-ray powder diffraction analyses showed that pure rhombohedral BiPO4 form was obtained, and was the preferential orientation growth of the crystal.(More)
Flexible and transparent electronics is the emerging future technology for optoelectronic devices. Recently, it has attracted considerable attention from the research community due to its prodigious commercial applications. Herein, we report highly flexible and transparent ultraviolet photosensors based on indium-doped tin oxide nanobelts with enhanced(More)
Sample pretreatment is the critical section for residue monitoring of hazardous pollutants. In this paper, using the cellulose fabric as host matrix, three extraction sorbents such as poly (tetrahydrofuran) (PTHF), poly (ethylene glycol) (PEG) and poly (dimethyldiphenylsiloxane) (PDMDPS), were prepared on the surface of the cellulose fabric. Two practical(More)
Acetylenes are increasingly versatile functional groups for a range of complexity-building organic transformations and for the construction of desirable molecular architectures. Herein we disclose a previously underappreciated aspect of arylacetylene reactivity by utilizing alkynes as electron-withdrawing groups (EWG) for promoting nucleophilic aromatic(More)
Oxacalixarenes bearing acetylene groups are synthesized in a single step by nucleophilic aromatic substitution reactions of orcinol with various 1,5-diethynyl-2,4-difluorobenzenes. Thermodynamic equilibration of the cyclooligomer mixtures was accomplished for arylethynyl activating groups, leading to increased yields of the corresponding oxacalix[4]arenes.(More)
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