Mengfei Peng

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As the size and use of networks continue to increase, network anomalies and faults are commonplace. Consequently, effective detection of such network issues is crucial for the deployment and use of network-based services. In this paper, we focus on one specific severe and pervasive network problem, namely the presence of one or more black holes. A black(More)
In the context of Hadoop, recent studies show that the shuffle operation accounts for as much as a third of the completion time of a MapReduce job. Consequently, the shuffle phase constitutes a crucial aspect of the scheduling of such jobs. During a shuffle phase, the job scheduler assigns reduce tasks to a set of reduce nodes. This may require multiple(More)
Compared with routine methods, the dry ice cleaning technology is safe, inexpensive, and damage-free. The inherent mechanism on the removal of contaminants from insulators using dry ice is studied in this paper. The dry ice cleaning process involves in the thermal changes, kinetic energy variation, sublimation of energy, and the resultant drag force of air(More)
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