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The distinction between field resistance and resistance based on resistance (R) genes has been proven valid for many plant-pathogen interactions. This distinction does not seem to be valid for the interaction between potato and late blight. In this study, a locus involved in late blight resistance, derived from Solanum microdontum, provides additional(More)
Despite efforts to control late blight in potatoes by introducing R pi -genes from wild species into cultivated potato, there are still concerns regarding the durability and level of resistance. Pyramiding R pi -genes can be a solution to increase both durability and level of resistance. In this study, two resistance genes, R Pi-mcd1 and R Pi-ber,(More)
High levels of resistance against Meloidogyne hapla have been identified in wild species of tuber-bearing potatoes, but only QTL with partial effects have been identified so far in back crosses with cultivated potato. This study was designed to test if pyramiding of two previously identified resistance genes, R Mh-tar and R Mh-chc A, will result in improved(More)
Gamma radiation induced a series of structural aberrations involving Thinopyrum bessarabicum chromosome 4J. The aberrations allowed for deletion mapping of 101 4J-specific markers and fine mapping of blue-grained gene BaThb. Irradiation can induce translocations and deletions to assist physically locating genes and markers on chromosomes. In this study, a(More)
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