Mengdi Zheng

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Arabidopsis thaliana L. yellow variegated (var2) mutant is defective in a chloroplast FtsH family metalloprotease, AtFtsH2/VAR2, and displays an intriguing green and white leaf variegation. This unique var2-mediated leaf variegation offers a simple yet powerful tool for dissecting the genetic regulation of chloroplast development. Here, we report the(More)
We propose an adaptive Wick–Malliavin (WM) expansion in terms of the Malliavin derivative of order Q to simplify the propagator of general polynomial chaos (gPC) of order P (a system of deterministic equations for the coefficients of gPC) and to control the error growth with respect to time. Specifically, we demonstrate the effectiveness of the WM method by(More)
Chloroplast development requires the coordinated expressions of nuclear and chloroplast genomes, and both anterograde and retrograde signals exist and work together to facilitate this coordination. We have utilized the Arabidopsis yellow variegated (var2) mutant as a tool to dissect the genetic regulatory network of chloroplast development. Here, we report(More)
To find out efficient red phosphors used for white light-emitting diodes (LEDs), a new Ba2Gd2Si4O13:Eu3+ phosphor was prepared by conventional solid-state reaction method. The effect of Li2CO3 flux and Eu3+ doping concentrations on structural and luminescent properties of Ba2Gd2Si4O13 phosphors was studied in detail. The phosphors show intense absorption in(More)
We develop new probabilistic and deterministic approaches for moment statistics of stochastic partial differential equations with pure jump tempered α-stable (TαS) Lévy processes. With the compound Poisson (CP) approximation or the series representation of the TαS process, we simulate the moment statistics of stochastic reaction-diffusion equations with(More)
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