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Spring Light team is the first, and the only, Asian team registered to the 2007 DARPA urban grand challenge. In this paper, we present the navigation system of the daughter dragon vehicle of the spring light team. The purpose of the navigation is two fold. First of all, it takes the road map, the mission description file and in-vehicle GPS data as input,(More)
Video stabilization is an important technology for removing undesired motion in videos. This paper presents a comprehensive motion estimation method for electronic image stabilization techniques, integrating the speeded up robust features (SURF) algorithm, modified random sample consensus (RANSAC), and the Kalman filter, and also taking camera scaling and(More)
The paper first divides control rights of critical resources into government macroeconomic regulation power and insider control power for the management. After the discussion of the current status of Chinese coal industry integration, the paper mathematically and empirically analyzes influences of the government and state owned enterprises’ management to(More)
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