Mengchen Zhao

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Different from spam and regular phishing attacks, spear phishing attacks target a small group of people, and the attackers usually make elaborate plans before attacking. There is existing work on classifying spear phishing emails where a threshold value is used to balance misclassified normal emails and misclassified malicious emails. However, most existing(More)
Label contamination attack (LCA) is an important type of data poisoning attack where an attacker manipulates the labels of training data to make the learned model beneficial to him. Existing work on LCA assumes that the attacker has full knowledge of the victim learning model, whereas the victim model is usually a black-box to the attacker. In this paper,(More)
Security surveillance is one of the most important issues in smart cities, especially in an era of terrorism. Deploying a number of (video) cameras is a common surveillance approach. Given the never-ending power offered by vehicles to metropolises, exploiting vehicle traffic to design camera placement strategies could potentially facilitate security(More)
Layer-by-layer peeling of surface molecules of native cellulose microfibrils was performed using a repeated sequential process of 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-1-oxyl radical-mediated oxidation followed by hot alkali extraction. Both highly crystalline algal and tunicate celluloses and low-crystalline cotton and wood celluloses were investigated. Initially,(More)
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