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modeling simulation and control of flexible manufacturing modeling simulation and control of flexible manufacturing read and download modeling simulation and control of manual of methods for general bacteriology ebook 57 years a history of the freedom suits in the missouri a precision improvement of casting process for golf head a history of norwegian(More)
This is a tutorial paper on Petri nets. Petri nets, as a graphical and mathematical tool, provide a uniform environment for modelling, formal analysis, and design of discrete event systems. The main objective of this paper is to introduce the fundamental concepts of Petri nets to the researchers and practitioners, both from academia and industry, who are(More)
Over the last two decades, a great deal of research has been focused on solving deadlock problems in resource allocation systems such as computer communication systems, workflow systems, and flexible manufacturing systems, resulting in a wide variety of approaches. As a well-defined problem in resource allocation systems, deadlock prevention based on a(More)
Automatic Web service composition is gaining momentum as the potential silver bullet in service oriented architecture. The need for interservice compatibility analysis and indirect composition has gone beyond what the existing service composition/verification technologies can handle. Given two services whose interface invocation constraints are described by(More)
Workflow model analysis is performed at logic, temporal, and performance levels. This paper mainly deals with the performance level issues. Workflow net (WF-net) is extended with time information to the timing workflow net (TWF-net). To provide a formal framework for modeling and analyzing workflow, this paper proposes a multidimension workflow net(More)
This paper addresses the deadlock problems in flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) by using a Petri net siphon control method and the theory of regions. The proposed policy consists of two stages. The first one, called siphons control, is to add, for every siphon that we identify, a monitor to the original net model such that it is optimally invariant(More)
The analysis of the correctness and rationality of a workflow model plays an important role in the research of workflow techniques and successful implementation of workflow management. This paper points out the relevant problems in the verification and analysis of a workflow model. It discusses two important properties: schedulability and boundedness of a(More)