Meng-meng Wu

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OBJECTIVE To explore the physiologic mechanism of immediate analgesic effect of acupuncture in primary dysmenorrhea patients. METHODS Forty primary dysmenorrhea patients were randomized into the Sanyinjiao (SP6) acupuncture group, Xuanzhong (GB39) control group, nonacupoint control group, or no acupuncture group. Patients in the 3 acupuncture groups were(More)
Mammalian CCAAT/enhancer-binding proteins (C/EBPs) are generally known as regulators in adipocyte differentiation. However, more understanding of the role of C/EBPs in lipid and glucose metabolism remains to be discovered. In this study, we verified the effect of CEBP-2, the homolog of CEBPs, on fat storage in Caenorhabditis elegans. Expressions of 85 genes(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the level of peripheral muscle resistance after cerebral ischemia. METHODS A total of 326 healthy male Sprague-Dawley rats were used in the present experiments. We used a modified method to establish peripheral muscle resistance in rat model of stroke, and qualified the recovery of motor functional deficits by behavioral measures and(More)
The acupuncture manipulation is an important factor for achieving a good therapeutic effect in acupuncture practice. The authors review recent studies on acupuncture manipulation and its qualification from (a) differences of the therapeutic effects of acupuncture manipulation, (b) quantification of acupuncture manipulations, and (c) instruments for(More)
Needle retention is one of the important links in clinical acupuncture, thus, ancient medical scholars emphasized its value. This paper summarizes and evaluates the recent literature about needle retention time in terms of course of disease, category of disease, patient's condition and acupuncture location. The modern researches verify and develop the(More)
A hydrothermal reaction of CuCl2·2H2O, 4,5-diazafluoren-9-one (L) and K3[Fe(CN)6], which is used as an environment friendly cyanide source, produces a two-dimensional copper cyanide complex Cu10(CN)10L4 (1). In the complex, the L ligands act as corner and bridge ligands simultaneously. With the help of the corner ligands, infinite Cu(CN)∞ chains are formed.(More)
Speaker Recognition is an important branch of speech signal. In the paper, aiming at the limitations of the research of the current speaker recognition, a speaker recognition software-development platform was constructed by means of the object-oriented method. On the base, the Speaker-recognition experiment was carried out using the testing system, at the(More)
Water fogs system can mightily attenuate the infrared spectrum, so more and more attention has been paid to this problem in military. Based on the Mie theory, the collective characteristic of the particles forward scattering was analyzed. The near forward scattering ratio was defined, also the particle size and scattering DBC case were confirmed when the(More)
In this trial, patients who agreed to random assignment were allocated to a randomized acupuncture group (R-acupuncture group) or control group. Those who declined randomization were assigned to a nonrandomized acupuncture group (NR-acupuncture group). Patients in the R-acupuncture group and NR-acupuncture group received up to 21 acupuncture sessions during(More)
Introducing another chromophore into a luminescent MOF is a potential way to assembling novel dual-emissive luminescent materials. Putting the chromophore, for which luminescence can be enhanced by Zn2+ ion, into MOF-5 by the "bottle around ship" strategy is a simple but efficient synthesis method to realize such dual-emissive materials. According to this(More)
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