Meng-chi Lin

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The Drosophila circadian clock consists of two interlocked transcriptional feedback loops. In one loop, dCLOCK/CYCLE activates period expression, and PERIOD protein then inhibits dCLOCK/CYCLE activity. dClock is also rhythmically transcribed, but its regulators are unknown. vrille (vri) and Par Domain Protein 1 (Pdp1) encode related transcription factors(More)
Morphogen gradients determine a range of cell fates by specifying multiple transcriptional threshold responses. In the dorsal ectoderm of the Drosophila embryo, a BMP gradient is translated into an activated Smad transcription factor gradient, which elicits at least three threshold responses - high, intermediate and low. However, the mechanism underlying(More)
Early stages of avian development are not well-suited for in ovo studies. A critical limitation of ex ovo culture is the short period of growth that can be attained for explanted embryos. Here we report a modified and simplified version of an existing ex ovo culture method, the cornish pasty culture. We show that this modified method, referred to as MC(More)
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