Meng Yuan Aw

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Mesodermal tissues produce various inductive signals essential for morphogenesis of endodermal organs. However, little is known about how the spatial relationship between the mesodermal signal-producing cells and their target endodermal organs is established during morphogenesis. Here, we report that a mutation in the zebrafish myosin phosphatase targeting(More)
We studied 50 papillary lesions (25 papillomas and 25 papillary ductal carcinomas in situ, DCIS) diagnosed at Singapore General Hospital, for immunohistochemical expression of cytokeratin (CK) 5/6, CK14, and 34betaE12. The immunoscore (proportion of stained cells multiplied by staining intensity) was compared between the two groups. Cytokeratin expression(More)
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