Meng Ying Zhang

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Rhizoma coptidis, a broadly used traditional Chinese medicine, derives from the dried rhizomes of Coptis chinensis Franch, Coptis deltoidea C.Y. Cheng et Hsiao and Coptis teeta Wall. Quantitative determination of protoberberine alkaloids in R. coptidis is critical for controlling its quality. In this study, a rapid, simple and accurate quantitative (1)H NMR(More)
The authors demonstrate the production of low loss enhanced index contrast waveguides by reactive ion etching of IPGTM polysiloxane thin films. The use of a silica mask and CHF3 /O2 etch gas led to large etch selectivity between the silica and IPGTM of !20 and etch rates of !100 nm /min. This work indicates that compact optical circuits could be(More)
In the determination of lead in urine by differential potentiometric stripping analysis (DPSA) urine samples are acidified with hydrochloric acid to a total concentration equal to 0.2 mol/L without prior digestion with mineral acids. The sample is pre-electrolyzed at -1.2V (Vs SCE) for 80 seconds by glassy-carbon electrode coated with mercury. The lead(More)
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