Meng Yeong Lee

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Stator winding insulation failure has been one of the major faults in electrical machines due to the degradation of winding insulation materials. The turn-to-turn short circuit fault indicates an early stage of insulation failure. This fault produces distortion of space harmonics in the air gap magnetic field. Capturing these harmonics and reflecting their(More)
In order to control motion and to improve efficiency of an electromechanical conversion chain, variable voltage and variable frequency AC drives have been widely used in commercial applications. The need for a bulky and limited lifetime energy storage electrolytic capacitor in the DC link is a major disadvantage for a traditional AC-DC-AC power converter so(More)
Matrix converters are sine wave in/out forced commutated single-stage AC/AC direct frequency changers using a single bi-directional switch to connect any input to any output. Indirect two-stage matrix converters provide similar input and output performance with no passive component in the dc-link. The difference is that some of these topologies require less(More)
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