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Preparation of Erythromycin Micro-Particles by Supercritical Assisted Atomization
Supercritical assisted atomization (SAA) is a new technique developed recently for producing nano- and micro-particles, and it has promising potentials in pharmaceutical micronization. AnExpand
Study on preparation of perpropionic acid and its thermal hazard
In order to promote the application of perpropionic acid(PPA) in fine chemicals,PPA is prepared through oxidation of propionic acid by peroxide hydrogen.The thermal hazard of PPA is deeplyExpand
Study on Analyzing the Inflow Performance of Oil Wells by BP Network Technique
The method is discussed of analyzing the inflow performance of oil wells by artificial neural network technique. In this method, an oil well is considered as a black box-like nonlinear dynamicExpand
Analysis on explosive characteristics of alkanes
The alkanes explosion accident have made major disasters to the industry and daily life.In order to avoid the alkanes explosion accident and improve the awareness of alkanes explosiveExpand