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A sublethal environmental stress, high-hydrostatic pressure (HHP) was reported to significantly improve the motility, viability and fertility parameters of frozen bull and boar semen. However, the mechanism of how HHP treatment improves survival rates at sperm cryopreservation remains unclear. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of HHP(More)
Cellular analysis plays important roles in various biological applications, such as cell biology, drug development, and disease diagnosis. Conventional cellular analysis usually measures the average response from a whole cell group. However, bulk measurements may cause misleading interpretations due to cell heterogeneity. Another problem is that current(More)
Systemic inflammatory disorders resulting from infection, trauma, surgery, and severe disease conditions pose serious threats to human health leading to organ dysfunction, organ failure, and mortality. The highly complex and dynamic nature of the immune system experiencing acute inflammation makes immunomodulatory therapy blocking pro-inflammatory cytokines(More)
The development of the testes includes changes in cell morphology and endocrine levels that are essential for the maturation of males. A large number of novel proteins are expressed throughout testis development and play important roles in spermatogenesis. Differences in protein expressions during the development of porcine testes have not been(More)
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