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Among image segmentation algorithms there are two major groups: (a) methods assuming known appearance models and (b) methods estimating appearance models jointly with segmentation. Typically, the first group optimizes appearance log-likelihoods in combination with some spacial regularization. This problem is relatively simple and many methods guarantee(More)
RORγt is necessary for the generation of TH17 cells but the molecular mechanisms for the regulation of TH17 cells are still not fully understood. We show that activation of CD4⁺ T cells results in the expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS). iNOS-deficient mice displayed enhanced T(H)17 cell differentiation but without major effects on either(More)
The goal of this study was to investigate how the eyes of different species of moray eel evolved to cope with limitations to vision imposed on them by the photic environments in which they reside. The comparative retinal histological structures and visual pigment characteristics including opsin gene sequences, of four species of moray eel inhabiting diverse(More)
With an increasing number of the WSN applications in 3D space such as in outer space, atmosphere or underwater, the 3D space signal detection and coverage problems become more and more important. However, the 2D assumption, such as the binary detection model, is still used in the research referred to the 3D circumstance to determine whether the event to be(More)