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A reliable and efficient aerodynamic design optimization tool using evolutionary algorithm has been developed for transonic compressor blades. A real-coded adaptive-range genetic algorithm is used to improve efficiency and robustness in design optimization. To represent flow fields accurately and produce reliable designs, three-dimensional Navier-Stokes(More)
A method is presented that computes the conjugate heat transfer problem using a hybrid overset grid system. The hybrid grids for the ¯ uid and solid structure regions use Chimera overset structured grids and unstructured grids, respectively. The numerical analyses require the ¯ ow® eld solution and material thermal response to be obtained simultaneously. A(More)
We propose a novel approach of three-dimensional hybrid grid methodology, the DRAGON grid method in the three-dimensional space. The DRAGON grid is created by means of a Direct Replacement of Arbitrary Grid Overlapping by Nonstructured grid, and is structured-grid dominated with unstructured grids in small regions. The DRAGON grid scheme is an adaptation to(More)
A multiobjective design optimization tool for multistage compressors has been developed. Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm is used to handle multiobjective design optimization problems. Performances of compressors are evaluated by using the axisymmetric through-flow code UD0300M that employs the streamline curvature method. To demonstrate feasibility of(More)