Meng Ning Xia

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Caloosahatchee River watershed and estuary has experienced a general decline in the water quality over the last several decades due to agriculture practices, development, and other human activities. The objective of this study is to assess the water quality condition in coastal Caloosahatchee River watershed by analyzing the data collected by South Florida(More)
The studies of differences in life history and suitability of both water temperatures and trophic levels among rotifer sibling species improve our understanding of speciation, sibling species coexistence and possible niche differentiation over space and time, and consequences for the functioning of ecosystems induced by climate change and eutrophication. We(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the impact of environmental changes on the distribution and the growth and decline of Oncomelania snails in Dongting Lake beaches after the implementation of Three Gorges Project. METHODS T-embankment of Junshan District where there was a greater human factor related to the snail spread and a lake beach named Dongkou of Junshan District(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of ditching for drain on the control of the breed of Oncomelania hupensis snails in beaches of Dongting Lake. METHODS From November, 2009 to November, 2012, an 0. hupensis snail infested beach of the Yueyang jail and an O. hupensis snail infested beach of Junshan District were selected as research fields in the eastern(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the current distribution of susceptible areas of schistosomiasis outside embankment, so as to provide the evidence for making comprehensive measures in Hunan Province. METHODS The outside embankment areas where Oncomelania snails possibly or historically distributed and people and animals had activities were surveyed. The(More)
The result of toxicity test of Luokuwei to mice showed that, when the dose of the drug was 400-1 200 times of molluscicidal dosage, the mortality rate of mice was only 10%-20% in 24 h, and in 14 d, only the mortality rate in high doasage group was above 50%. It is suggested that Luoweiku is a molluscicide with low toxicity.
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