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Using a whole-genome-sequencing approach to explore germplasm resources can serve as an important strategy for crop improvement, especially in investigating wild accessions that may contain useful genetic resources that have been lost during the domestication process. Here we sequence and assemble a draft genome of wild soybean and construct a recombinant(More)
Abiotic and biotic stresses lead to massive reprogramming of different life processes and are the major limiting factors hampering crop productivity. Omics-based research platforms allow for a holistic and comprehensive survey on crop stress responses and hence may bring forth better crop improvement strategies. Since high-throughput approaches generate(More)
Since 2006, a new disease caused by Phoma sp. has been identified on figwort (Scrophularia ningpoensis) in Hubei province, China. The pathogen was isolated from diseased S. ningpoensis leaves growing under field conditions, and attempts were made to identify it by cultural and morphological characteristics as well as analysis of the internal transcribed(More)
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