Meng-Lieh Sheu

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In this paper, a low parasitic capacitance and low-power CMOS capacitive fingerprint sensor readout circuit is presented. The side effect of parasitic capacitance has been under control with novel layout structure in sensor cell, and minimal size switch is used to reduce non-ideal effects of MOS switch and achieve good linearity. Power dissipation is also(More)
In this paper, a passive 2.45GHz band RFID transponder chip for high data rate communication and with low power consumption has been presented. The passive trans-ponder chip contains five parts: a voltage multiplier converts received RF signal to the DC power supply, a mode selector decides the operating status, a low power dissipation LC-tank voltage(More)
In this paper, an integrated passive device (IPD) inductor modeling is demonstrated. The IPD technology is a system in package (SiP) solution where passive devices with high quality can be fabricated on a chip and then connect with another circuit chip by using flip-chip micro-bump bonding. For an RF circuit simulation, the IPD inductor model is built and(More)