Meng-Li Yang

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There are well-documented gender differences in health. However, few studies have considered that the associations of personal and household characteristics with perceived health may vary between men and women because of their different socialized gender roles. This study investigates gender differences in health and addresses gender-specific responses to(More)
In an attempt to build a good predictor of the performance of survey interviewers, we propose a feature selection method that derives the features¡¦ strength (i.e., degree of usefulness) from various feature subsets drawn from a pool of all the features. The method also builds a predictor by using support vector regression (SVR) as the learning(More)
Previous analyses of the changing relationship between class and vote in Britain have assumed that the British Election Surveys constitute simple random samples. In fact, they are all clustered samples, and the number Of sampling points has varied substantially over time. The paper uses the statistical technique of multi-level modelling to investigate the(More)
The silicate nickel ores developed in the lateritic nickel deposit, from Kolonodale, Sulawesi Island, Indonesia, and Yuanjiang, Yunnan province, China, were selected for the present study. The X-ray diffraction and Fourier infrared spectra were used to analyze the mineralogical attribute of laterite nickel ores from two different places. The results show(More)
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