Meng-Jung Lee

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Resistin is known as an adipocyte-specific secretory hormone that can cause insulin resistance and decrease adipocyte differentiation. It can be regulated by sexual hormones, but the mechanism of estrogen's actions is still not clear. R ESISTIN IS A cysteine-rich hormone that was first isolated from adipose tissues and found to link obesity to type II(More)
Purpose It is well known that the gradual loss of axon growth ability of retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) during development is largely determined by extrinsic signals rather than being programmed intrinsically. Spontaneous retinal waves are the major neural activity during retinal development. Thus restoring the developmental environment by providing the(More)
Building the behavioral model for each circuit is an efficient approach for mixed-signal system verification. If an automatic model generator is available to generate the required behavioral model from the given circuit specifications or netlist, it is useful for designers to reduce the extra efforts. In this paper, two automation methodologies are proposed(More)
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