Meng-Hsien Lin

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BACKGROUND Antituberculosis drug-induced liver injury (ATDILI) is a major safety concern for the treatment of tuberculosis (TB). The impact of chronic hepatitis B infection (CHBI) on the risk of ATDILI is still controversial. In this study, we aimed to assess systematically the influence of CHBI on the susceptibility to ATDILI. METHODS We reviewed all(More)
A critical property for tissue adhesives is a controllable degradation rate so that these adhesives do not act as barriers to wound healing. Typical degradation tests require large amount of samples, which can be tedious and expensive to perform. Additionally, current degradation tests are carried out in vitro under simulated physiological conditions and(More)
The degradation behavior of a tissue adhesive is critical to its ability to repair a wound while minimizing prolonged inflammatory response. Traditional degradation tests can be expensive to perform, as they require large numbers of samples. The potential for using magnetoelastic resonant sensors to track bioadhesive degradation behavior was investigated.(More)
The Long Term Evolution (LTE) network is recognized as the next generation wireless network, which provides high bandwidth and low latency for emerging mobile applications. The issue of power saving is very crucial for the success of service deployment. This paper presents a novel downlink scheduling approach to reduce power consumption while maintaining(More)