Meng-Fu Tsai

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Managing increasing traffic from Instant Messengers and P2P applications is becoming more important nowadays. We present an inkernel architecture of management gateway, namely kP2PADM, built upon open-source packages with several modifications and design techniques. First, the in-kernel design streamlines the data path through the gateway. Second, the(More)
This work presents an in-kernel gateway architecture on Linux, namely kP2PADM, for managing P2P traffic on dynamic ports. This design can effectively eliminate redundant data passing between the kernel space and the user space. The management functions include: (1) classifying and filtering P2P traffic, (2) scanning viruses on shared files, (3) auditing(More)
In this paper, a multiple input multiple output (MIMO) channel estimation scheme is proposed with both high accuracy and computational efficiency for sparse multipath channel. This algorithm exploits the optimal MIMO preamble based on repeated phase-rotated Chu sequences, and iteratively estimates the number and positions of the sparsely spaced multipath(More)
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