Meng-Fen Lin

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The present study explored the experiences of 80 Wikibookians who had developed or were in the process of developing wikibooks. Both online surveys and email interviews were employed to investigate four main factors, including Wikibookian statuses, successes, satisfactions, and sociocultural experiences. The survey data indicated that the majority of these(More)
Web 2.0 technologies empower individuals to contribute thoughts and ideas rather than passively survey online content and resources. Such participatory environments foster opportunities for community building and knowledge sharing, while encouraging the creation of artifacts beyond what any single person could accomplish alone. In this chapter, we(More)
Fostering interaction in the online classroom is an important consideration in ensuring that students actively create their own knowledge and reach a high level of achievement in science courses. This study focuses on fostering interaction in an online introductory nutrition course offered in a public institution of higher education in Hawai'i, USA.(More)
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