Meng-Fang Lin

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In this work, monodisperse polydopamine (PDA) spheres with tunable diameters have been synthesized through a facile and low cost method using a deionized water and alcohol mixed solvent. The PDA spheres possess surface functional groups (-OH, -NH(2)), exhibiting an extraordinary versatile active nature. It is demonstrated that the PDA spheres could serve as(More)
It is of great challenge to develop a transparent solid state electrochromic device which is foldable at the device level. Such devices require delicate designs of every component to meet the stringent requirements for transparency, foldability, and deformation stability. Meanwhile, nanocellulose, a ubiquitous natural resource, is attracting escalating(More)
Electronics with multifunctionalities such as transparency, portability, and flexibility are anticipated for future circuitry development. Flexible memory is one of the indispensable elements in a hybrid electronic integrated circuit as the information storage device. Herein, we demonstrate a transparent, flexible, and transferable hexagonal boron nitride(More)
Smart sensing electronic device with good transparency, high stretchability and self-powered sensing characteristics are essential in wearable health monitoring systems. This paper innovatively proposes a stretchable nanocomposite nanogenerator with good transparency that can be conformally attached on human body to harvest biomechanical energy and monitor(More)
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