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For two-pattern at-speed scan testing, the excessive power supply noise at the launch cycle may cause the circuit under test to malfunction, leading to yield loss. This paper proposes a new weight assignment scheme for logic switching activity; it enhances the IR-drop assessment capability of the existing weighted switching activity (WSA) model. By(More)
This paper presents PHS-Fill, an ATPG technique that reduces (1) power supply noise for scan-based at-speed testing, and (2) test data volume in a Huffman coding based test compression environment. PHS-Fill first identifies the preferred Huffman symbols; these symbols correspond to the test pattern templates that improve test compression and reduces power(More)
Yield loss caused by excessive power supply noise has become a serious problem in at-speed scan testing. Although <i>X</i>-filling techniques are available to reduce the launch cycle switching activity, their performance may not be satisfactory in the linear-decompressor-based test compression environment. This paper solves this problem by proposing a novel(More)
In this study, four canine distemper virus (CDV) strains were isolated from captive Siberian tigers (Panthera tigris altaica) and red pandas (Ailurus fulgens) during two separate CDV outbreaks in a zoo in Guangdong province, China. Sequence alignment and phylogenetic analyses based on the full-length hemagglutinin (H) and fusion (F) genes showed that they(More)
BACKGROUND In recent years, the prevalence of type 2 diabetes among Chinese population has been increasing by years, directly leading to an average annual growth rate of 19.90% of medical expenditure. Therefore, it is urgent to work on strategies to control the growth of medical expenditure on type 2 diabetes on the basis of the reality of China. Therefore,(More)
This Letter proposes a W-band OFDM RoF system at 103.5 GHz employing power detector to support vector signal down-conversion. Additional RF tone is generated and transmitted from central office to replace the local oscillator at a wireless receiver. With a proper frequency gap and power ratio between the RF tone and the OFDM-modulated signal, the impact(More)
Analysis of power grid IR-drop during scan test application has drawn growing attention because excessive IR-drop may cause a functionally correct device to fail at-speed testing. The analysis is challenging since the power grid IR-drop profile depends on not only the switching cells locations but also the power grid structure. This paper presents a(More)